15 demos en el primer mes para un SaaS

The Website:

This website covers various auto brands, and features lots of real data which is updated frequently.

Having useful data makes this a valuable resource for prospective car buyers, and the website has seen a lot of growth.

How We Built Links:

Not only is the data featured throughout the site useful for readers, it also makes the content very “linkable” – Meaning we could leverage it to build links from prospects websites very effectively.

The hard data, while valuable, is also difficult to curate – When we show this website to link prospects, they immediately understand how rare it is and the value it could provide for their readers, and are often happy to link to it.

We were also able to build outreach campaigns aimed at tangential industries, such as finance or home/family websites.

There’s a lot of crossover between these and our clients websites, and we were able to build a good number of relevant links.

The Results:

In our time working with the client, the website has increased from 5,412 to 166,520 organic traffic (as per Ahrefs estimates), meaning a 3,077% increase.

We’ve built 312 links for this client.

The average link metrics across the whole order so far were: DR45 and 29,222 organic traffic.

These results come from a combination of great data-rich content, onsite optimisation, and our link building. Once again we see great results when our link building process is leveraged as part of an overall solid strategy from our client.

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